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Psychotherapy in North Bristol

As a practicing psychotherapist in North Bristol, I understand that sometimes feelings can be difficult to talk about. Some feelings can even be impossible to acknowledge or even admit to ourselves and or to the people we feel closest to. Speaking to a therapist in a therapeutic setting can be a very helpful experience. It can perhaps be quite a freeing experience.

Life can be difficult sometimes.

Psychotherapy can provide an environment that gives space and time to your thoughts and most importantly to your feelings. Somewhere you can reach your own conclusions at your own pace. I often think of psychotherapy as walking down a dimly-lit path with someone holding a torch. Perhaps the path is unknown, familiar or just intriguing. By walking down that path with a psychotherapist, a light may be shone on things that may not have been visible before. But you will not be doing it alone. I will be there with you.

Psychotherapy is a particular type of therapy, it integrates a variety of different schools of thought. Which allows a greater scope for understanding. If allowed to, psychotherapy can go right to the roots of your living tree. It can provide you with an opportunity to get to truly know yourself. To have a look inside and see what is going on.

Rather than listing off the various reasons people may come to therapy, I feel it might be helpful to recognise that thinking you would like to talk to someone about something is reason enough.

Everything is relevant. Your feelings are real and important. They are what make you YOU.

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